new york, new york

Hi there!

Rainy day in the City. ☔️

IMG_1500 copia 2

Kai’s birthday, auntie to Paris, weekend after 11S…

Too many reasons for visiting the City this afternoon. 🌃

IMG_1484 copia IMG_1488 copia

You’ll see that these pictures are not what you are expecting from the city. I just wanted to turn around the touristic view and try to show some points and details that most people don’t see.

IMG_1495 copia IMG_1499 copia IMG_1503 copia IMG_1516 copia

The lights cover the view from the little things that make this city an extraordinary dream.

IMG_1518 copia

(Freedom Tower)

IMG_1523 copia IMG_1526 copia

Thank you to my new fashion auntie to show me your apartment in Ground Zero, where I could take some pictures!

IMG_1531 copia

(Freedom Tower)

IMG_1532 copia

(Ground Zero)

IMG_1536 copia IMG_1540 copia IMG_1548 copia IMG_1550 copia

(Hot Dogs)

IMG_1559 copia IMG_1565 copia

(Around SoHo)

IMG_1578 copia IMG_1581 copia

(Empire State Building)

IMG_1583 copia IMG_1587 copia

(Empire State Building)

IMG_1591 copia IMG_1596 copia

(Times Square)

IMG_1599 copia

(Times Square)

IMG_1604 copia

Hope you enjoy this post!

IMG_1617 copia

(Freedom Tower)

IMG_1623 copia

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