Cardinals’ Football Game

Hi there!

First home game! 🏈

IMG_1731 copia

IMG_1653 copia IMG_1656 copia

Tonight we went to the first home game. Actually it was my first time to go to a football game! I was so excited and I took a lot of pictures! I tried to reduce the number of pictures on the post, so it might be more interesting.

IMG_1668 copia IMG_1673 copia IMG_1682 copia

Yeah… Cardinals wear High School Musical colors…

It was exactly the same as an american movie. You’ll se in a short film that I will post one of this days.

You can imagine the orchestra playing, the cheerleaders dancing and singing and the football players playing the game. Everything together… Good mix, really good mix! We can’t forget the students supporters wearing white and red and celebrating all the moves! Cool!!

IMG_1684 copia IMG_1697 copia

In conclusion, I was very excited to watch “part” of the game!

After I went to the first Comedy Tonight of the Theatre Club from the High School. It was a non-stop night with a lot of laughs and nervous! I am impatient to explain you more about the Theatre Club… but I’ll do it another day with some pictures!

IMG_1713 copia IMG_1723 copia

Hope you enjoy it! And don’t miss the video!

COMING SOON! (very, very, very, very soon!)

IMG_1734 copia

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