Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Hi there!

Today we went to the Statue of Liberty! 🗽

IMG_1926 copia

IMG_1738 copia

So, today we visited New Jersey. It’s the city of the malls! It’s like a big sopping centre! Also, I realized that the gasoil is $1/gallon less than the state of Connecticut!

New Jersey is also called Garden State. Interesting because I didn’t see a lot of gardens… Anyway, we went to the river of the long island to take the ship!

IMG_1751 copia IMG_1754 copia IMG_1762 copia

The first stop was the Ellis Island. A little island where you can see the New York’s skyline. Amazing landscape to take pictures. Also, we had a super nice weather so we could enjoy all the day in the islands.

IMG_1776 copia

In the Ellis Island you have to visit the museum. There are three floors with all the American History. Since Christopher Columbus to the women who worked in the textile industry. This museum is worth!

IMG_1815 copia IMG_1819 copia IMG_1821 copia IMG_1823 copia IMG_1829 copia IMG_1841 copia

(These are the two sides of the island ⬇️ )

IMG_1852 copia IMG_1867 copia IMG_1872.JPG_effected copia

And finally… We went to the Statue of Liberty! One of my dreams! It was totally amazing. You can’t believe is it real until you see it. For me, it was one of the greatest experiences that I had. So, if you never go to New York, you should go here because I can say that is incredible! Here I posted some pictures!

IMG_1917 copia IMG_1930.JPG_effected IMG_1938 copia IMG_1950.JPG_effected IMG_1977 copia IMG_2010 copia

And that’s it! Hope you enjoy it!

IMG_2045 copia2.jpg_effected-003

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