How to survive the fall?

Hi there!

You should pay attention if you want to survive this season! 🍂🍁



Most of the pictures that you will find on this post, are from my Instagram where you can visit here.


The first thing you need to survive the fall is THE GOOD MUSIC. What can be more important than the best SoundCloud Spotify Playlist while the wind flows behind your window? If you are tired of your iPod songs ’cause everyday you are listening the same, you can check my new playlist here and one of my best friend’s music here. Now you don’t have any excuse!IMG_9368IMG_9602After school, date your best friend and go to have lunch or dinner! You need some time to gossip and talk… Meet new people and relax!IMG_9477IMG_9449

Go shopping, to the movie or just walk around. Spend time with your friends and your family!IMG_9478Have time to go biking to the beach, the forest or the mountain. Take time to discover your city and the best chill places.

IMG_9598 IMG_9590 IMG_9581PENTAX 50MM results
IMG_9490 IMG_9491And finally follow #redlipseveryday or #redlipstodoslosdias with Rimmel and L’Oreal.

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