College Portfolio

Hi there!

Working hard on my College Portfolio! 📃

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 18.01.19


So these last two weeks I’ve been preparing my portfolio and the college essay. I’ve never hear about that but when I came to the US, everybody was thinking about the college applications.

(Clara Griffiths Portrait)

DSC_0060 copia DSC_0045 copia DSC_0047 copia

I decided to apply for photography in England. There, they use the same method for the colleges. So here I am, making my application and I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite pictures and also a little magazine project.

(Helena Espada Portrait)

IMG_0184 copia

(Maria Espada Portrait)

IMG_0401 copia

I hope you enjoy these random pictures because I worked so hard during this last three years.

(Anna Bodi Portrait)

IMG_0928 IMG_0970(JĂșlia Solé Portrait)

IMG_3540 IMG_3508 IMG_3544 IMG_3677 IMG_4897 IMG_4915 IMG_5001 IMG_5009

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