Moonlight in Vermont

Hi there!

So this is my first Vermont weekend! ❄️



IMG_4945 copia Waking up like this a Saturday morning.

The first snow of the season outside while you still warm inside.

What a magical pleasure!

IMG_4908 IMG_4922 IMG_4923

Surrounded by green and white trees and listening the water of the little river below. I don’t have that much words to describe how it feels and this is why you have some pictures that I took during this days.

IMG_4938 copia
IMG_4955 copiaIMG_5119 copia IMG_4982 IMG_4993 copia IMG_5030 copia IMG_5068 copia IMG_5092 copiaIMG_5143IMG_5144 IMG_5113 copiaIMG_5403IMG_5180 IMG_5122 copiaIMG_5182IMG_5195 copia IMG_5126 copiaIMG_5154 copia IMG_5134 copia IMG_5190 IMG_5237 copia IMG_5247 copia IMG_5265 copiaIMG_5267 copia IMG_5295 copia IMG_5354IMG_5167 copia IMG_5359 IMG_5427

State of Massachusetts

IMG_5441 IMG_5444 IMG_5457 IMG_5464 IMG_5465 IMG_5471

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