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IMG_4285 copia

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So two weeks ago I went to New York for something very special… Voting for the independence of Catalonia from Spain. This is a large story and everybody has their own opinion, but I wanted to show mine today. I’m so proud of it and I like when the Catalans stay together to be stronger and win our liberty.

IMG_4298 copia IMG_4300 copia

Anyway… My three friends Liv, Jason and Mos went with me and we could spend the day in the City.

We had a good time and I could see a lot of things, mainly Times Square and Bryant Park.

What a magical city!

IMG_4304 copia IMG_4311 copia IMG_4319 copia IMG_4324 copia IMG_4333 copia IMG_4360 copia IMG_4362 copia IMG_4364 copia2 IMG_4372 copia IMG_4375 copia IMG_4386 copia IMG_4387 copia IMG_4391 copia IMG_4393 copia IMG_4394 copia IMG_4398 copia IMG_4400 IMG_4411 IMG_4414 IMG_4422 copia IMG_4438 copia IMG_4442 copia IMG_4472 IMG_4503 copia IMG_4513 IMG_4517 IMG_4536 IMG_4550 copia IMG_4558 IMG_4570

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