Washington D.C.

Hi there!

This was the Thanksgiving week in Washington D.C! 🌅

IMG_6227 copia

IMG_6226 copia IMG_6220 copia

Last Tuesday we took the car and we went to Washington D.C. It’s tradition that the Thanksgiving day is the most traffic day during the year. Everybody go home with their families so they travel around the states.

IMG_6213 copia

We were lucky so we could arrive to D.C. in five hours from CT. In one day we visited all this states:

1. Connecticut

2. New York State

3. New Jersey

4. Delaware

5. Maryland

(driving through Baltimore, where my favorite bakery shop is situated)

6. and Washington D.C.

IMG_6198 copia

So I decided to make a checklist for all the days I was going to stay, and actually I could do everything I wanted to do and more! From Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial and Washington Monument you have the pictures here.

Also, at the end of this post, there are pictures from the Treasury and the White House. I added a INTERESTING HISTORY POINT were you can learn a little bit of history from D.C. that I also learned these days.

It was a freezing day because it was snowing. At the end of my walk I couldn’t feel my toes! Anyway, it was a very interesting route where I could see most of the things I wanted to visit.

IMG_6195 copia

(From Lincoln Memorial watching the Washington Monument and the reflecting pool)

IMG_6193 copia IMG_6191 copia

(Lincoln Memorial)

IMG_6188 copia IMG_6176 copia IMG_6173 copia IMG_6159 copia

(World War II Memorial)

IMG_6156 copia IMG_6155 copia IMG_6153 copia IMG_6152 copia IMG_6150 copia IMG_6148 copia IMG_6146 copia

(Washington Monument)

IMG_6121 copia IMG_6095 copia


IMG_6090 copia

IMG_6089 copia

IMG_6076 copia


Washington D.C. is a city that doesn’t belong to any state. They have just one minister in the court that he cannot vote. The United States government thinks that if Washington D.C. becomes a state it would be more powerful than the other states because is the capital. This is why this city has its own laws and rules. Also, its  from the US so it has to have the same government, but the problem is that they don’t have any voice in it. There is a big protest from all the citizens: “Taxation without representation”. This quote belongs to the Independence of United States of America from Britain created by the Thirteen Colonies against the Stamp Act and the Intolerable Acts. Nowadays they use it to protest against the government, saying that they can’t decide any rules and any taxations.

IMG_6073 copia

(The White House)

IMG_6069 copia IMG_6066 copia IMG_6065 copia


  1. Sensacions en espais grans, molt grans. El centre del mon. Allí on quasi tot es decideix.

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