Walking around the Capitol

Hi there!

Here there is a new post from D.C! 💁

IMG_6426 copia

(Library of Congress)

IMG_6438 copia

This was another day that I could enjoy with good weather, even it was cold.

IMG_6425 copia

(Library of Congress)

This city is fascinating. Enjoying the empty streets, walking around the big monuments, and resting at the peaceful parks. Comparing to New York, it’s an interesting city that you can have a lot of fun but without the big stress of the City.

IMG_6418 copia

(Supreme Court of the United States)

IMG_6380 copia

I got the best news ever… On winter’s break, I’ll come back to Washington D.C! There are a lot of things that I have to visit more, for example the FBI museum or The National Geographic! I am so happy that I can come back!

IMG_6377 copia IMG_6368 copia

On Thursday, the Thanksgiving Day, before the big dinner, I decided to walk around the Capitol. It is an amazing place where you can find the Supreme Court of the United States, the Library of Congress, the Lower Senate Park, the Spirit of Justice Park… Incredible buildings and parks that everyone could be amazed.

IMG_6357 copia

(The Capitol)

IMG_6355 copia IMG_6354 copia IMG_6353 copia

(Lower Senate Park)

IMG_6288 copia 2 IMG_6283 copia IMG_6271 copia IMG_6269 copia

(Union Station)

IMG_6268 copia IMG_6267 copia IMG_6266 copia IMG_6523 copia IMG_6493 copia

(Ulysses S. Grant Memorial, in front of The Capitol)

IMG_6484 copia IMG_6469 copia IMG_6464 copia IMG_6458 copia IMG_6446 copia

So I hope you enjoyed!

Stay tune!

IMG_6441 copia


  1. Pau i tranquil•litat en l’indret més actiu del planeta. Thanksgiving 2014, tothom a casa i tu lluny dels teus

    1. És un lloc inimaginable. Crec que tothom hauria de tenir la oportunitat per visitar tots aquests fantastics llocs i racons que amaga aquesta ciutat.

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