Before Christmas

Hi there!

Before Christmas and sales shopping! 👛

IMG_8101 copia

IMG_7955 copia IMG_7959 copia IMG_7981 copia

After Thanksgiving and before Christmas there are a lot of big sales around all the shops in New York and also Greenwich. I can tell that it’s so cool smell the Christmas atmosphere along the Greenwich Avenue on Friday afternoon. I could do it today with Dayna, Eamon and Courtney. Visiting all the fancy stores and writing our letter to Santa Claus!

So here you have some pictures of today! Hope you like them!

IMG_7987 copia IMG_8014 copia IMG_8026 copia IMG_8030 copia IMG_8055 copia IMG_8065 copia IMG_8093 copia

And more pictures from my phone!

IMG_1119 IMG_1206.JPG_effected IMG_1216.jpg_effected-001 IMG_1221 IMG_1222 IMG_1262

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