Fast Las Vegas night

Hi there!

Las Vegas first night! 🃏

IMG_8292 copia

IMG_8281 copia

During Christmas holidays I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas. It’s been a long time from now but I haven’t got any time to photoshop the pictures and upload! In one week I’m going back to California and I’m gonna take more and more pictures so now I need to upload everything I have from my last trip!


All those pictures from this post are from the first night I stayed in Las Vegas. I had a loooot of fun but I missed my family because it was Christmas night. It was an interesting day to spend alone around one of the craziest cities in the world. I met a lot of people and I could learn a lot of this place. I’m glad I had this experience and I wish I can repeat it again!

IMG_8304 IMG_8307 IMG_8310 IMG_8312 IMG_8318 IMG_8322 IMG_8329 IMG_8344 IMG_8347

The last thing I wanted to add in this post, even though it has nothing about, is that last Thursday I turned 18 and to celebrate it I went to Vermont in a Road Trip with my three best friends in the US. It was an amazing trip and I wish I could repeat it every weekend! I feel so lucky to have met all of them.

Stay tuned ’cause a lot of posts are coming soon!

Instagram: @sheisontheway


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