Red Rocks

Hi there!

This is my little excursion to the Red Rocks, Las Vegas! 🚙


IMG_1923 copia

While I was in Las Vegas, I could go to the Red Rocks. Amazing views to enjoy during the whole day. It wasn’t very sunny but it was good because it wasn’t too hot either. It is totally worth it if you ever go to Las Vegas. It is pretty awesome discover other places!

IMG_8677 copia IMG_8722 copia

Hope you like this pictures selection. Actually, I have tons of pictures but those are the ones I like the most to present! (You’ll see a lot of selfies… this is one thing of visiting this places by yourself!)

I bought one camera from Urban Outfitters but I still have to finish the film! I’ll post them when I finish it!

IMG_8684 copiaIMG_8734 copia IMG_8708 copia

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