Californian surfers

Hi there!

I just came back from California! 🌴

IMG_1856 copia

IMG_1160 copia

I spent most of the time in Orange County and Long Beach, even though I also went to Los Angeles like Santa Monica.

IMG_1167 copia IMG_1221 copia IMG_1326 copia

It was a nice trip I did by myself and I could take a lot of pictures of everywhere! This post is dedicated to the surfers. I also have to say there are missing some pictures I took with my analogue camera but I still have to print them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post!

IMG_1410 copia IMG_1487 copia IMG_1494 copia IMG_1520 copia IMG_1728 copia IMG_1873 copia IMG_1887 copia IMG_2012 copia IMG_2084 copia IMG_2123 copia IMG_2165 copia IMG_2184 copia IMG_2187 copia IMG_2207 copia IMG_2276 copia IMG_2300 copia IMG_2364 copia IMG_2425 copia IMG_2601 copia IMG_2607 copia Sin título-1

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