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I visited MoMA in NYC and it was the best experience ever! 💕

Last Sunday I visited one of the most famous museums in NYC and also famous around the world. I was very excited to go and I organized my time so I had the chane to visit a little bit of all the expositions presented.


There was a brief collection of  pictures by different photographers. The ones I liked the most were the photo portraits of parts of the body of some girls. 

There is one example here. Those pictures were really fascinating: the texture, the movement, the reactions… It’s really worth it to spend time there and contemplate the different points of view of the same reality.  


Black Lake Cinema of Björk. The most amazing experience I had in a museum. Entering to two different black rooms to watch her videoclips. Perfect sound and ambient. I was pretty nervous at the beginning because I started to do a line that I didn’t really know what was it. I knew about Björk but after this experience I can say that I’m a really fan of her because of her transmission of feelings and craziness through her music.


Finall you, I want to highlight this last exposition situated at the 6th floor. Pretty crazy art that I should learn more about it but it was very fun!

In conclusion, if you ever visit New York City, go to MoMA cause it’s so worth it!


Ps. This is my first post from my phone. I don’t know how is gonna look like! Just testing! Also, all the picture are taken with my phone:)

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