Hi there!

Stopping at Stockholm, Sweden, before going home:)

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Last Monday I got on the plane from New York City to Stockholm. Spending the day in this precious city was a great opportunity. I’ve already been there but I was super little and I didn’t remember anything.

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What can I say about this city? I couldn’t visit a lot, so I stayed at the old town. It looks like a doll village. So cute! The most precious things were the cafés, bars, restaurants… with huge windows! They were really modern but also with the old style of the town.

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The other thing I liked the most was the color of the buildings. Reds, yellows, greens, whites… All the houses of the street were like a painting. This is why I was very excited to take so many pictures and play with the colors. On this post, the pictures were very little edited by photoshop, but it really has real magic.

Hope you are liking it!

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