Chri Music

Hi there! Christian is my musician friend and he’s amazing! 🎤

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This month I was so busy with work and extra work! But I couldn’t miss his two concerts at the city! First of all, thank you for inviting me and I hope you like the pictures!

Christian is a 18 years old friend from Barcelona and his dream is to become a musician with his own style (CHRI MUSIC Facebook). He sings some covers from different international musicians and bands like Snow Patrol, John Butler, Nina Simone, Ed Sheeran, Jeff Buckley and Damian Rice. But… the best part is that he has his own songs. He composed three songs that soon he will add to a new CD. The songs are Now, The Next Station and Safe Me. It was pretty cool to see that he was keeping the same style all the time with his songs combined with the other ones. He plays the acoustic and electric guitar. He also plays with rhythms he creates at the same time during the concert and, at the end, he’s his own band! (CHRI MUSIC Soundcloud)

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If you are interested in good music, you should look up the videos I did during his concerts. It is not only the songs, it’s also the sensibility, emotion, the delicate feelings he shares of the songs… This creates an atmosphere were the people feel comfortable, chill and quiet at the same time. Also, the places he plays, are totally adequate to it. The place I liked the most was the 28th May at Beamalevich. We were few people enjoying of his music. It was kind of private and the feelings he was sharing with us, they were clear and close. I loved how casual it was and I feel very lucky I could join it.

In my opinion, it’s good to see that he sings but not only this, it’s everything that involves the situation. It’s not a solid situation, it’s more like a wave of tenderness.

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I wish the best for him! And I hope you like it!